Rick and Morty Fooled us all… 

With the new cosplay season slowly creeping upon us. I did what every person would do in my situation and ignored all this glorious prep time. 

Enter the doible bluff of Rick and Morty. This brilliant little marketing ploy from Adult Swim was so basic but so ingenious. They really did fool us all. Thankfully living in australia we get the news years after everyone else. 

Well years might be a slight exaggeration however if you have ever tried to load a simple you tube vudeo on the steam powered Internet that we have you would understand. 

However I digress, the excitement of Season 3 episode one was so much and the 20 minute search that it took to find a decent episode was no feat to shake a stick at. 

Needless to say, with schezwan sauce jokes aside the episode filled me with a great mix of emotions. 

I will have to admit it took me a 2nd viewing to be able to fully appretiate it in its entirety as I felt it was a little lazy the way that Rick escaped prison with such ease. 

However after viewing the episode a second time as it was more a restart of the series and a way to reintroduce what we had almost forgotten.  

Which leads us to wonder whether their past is going to come back and challenge them once more. 

The new season will be just as exciting as the previous and it will be interesting to see which direction they will take with it. 

Looking forward to some sezchwan sauce and nuggets Mc Donald’s. So step on it! 


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